About us

We Believe in new beginnings, fresh starts, and clean slates. Each of us has been given a potential by God that can be discovered and developed!  You can start again, break new ground, or reach new heights in your life. Its our delight to help you find and grow your potential!

We are professional certified life coaches with over 30 years experience in assisting people to grow and see positive change in their marriages, friendships, spiritual lives, Christian leadership, and parenting

​People from all over the the world have worked with us from Chicago to Dallas to San Diego, Mexico, Paraguay, Ukraine, and Brazil. Check out what others are saying and the services we offer, then book a session online or send us a text to get started. We offer reasonable rates and exciting outcomes.

fun facts

* Lisa is a professional harpist and teacher who owns 10 harps

* Doug has a Doctorate in Leadership Development from TEDS

* We've made our beef jerky from a special recipe for the past 30 years

* Doug is a trained Disaster Relief Chaplain

* Our lifetime goal is to travel every US National Park and camp...so far Yosemite is our favorite!

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